Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

1. Applicant must reside in the United States at the time of
injury/accident. Applicant must complete grant in the United
States. Accident/injury does not need to have occurred in the
United States.

2. Applicant must be pursuing a dream in the winter sports
community on the date of the injury; begin pursuing a dream post
injury or suffer from a spinal cord injury (SCI).

a. The High Fives Non-Profit Foundation defines winter sports as
skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ski BASE, ski mountaineering etc.

3. Applicant must meet the following criteria:

a. Applicant must have suffered a mobility limiting SCI, TBI or a
life-altering injury of any kind while participating in a winter action sport.

b. Applicant must possess a passion to return to winter action
sports, or possess a desire to pursue an action sports dream after
suffering a (mobility limiting) spinal cord injury or a life-altering injury
resulting from an accident (automobile etc.).

b.1. Winter action sports as defined by the High Fives
Non-Profit Foundation consist of sports that involve a high degree of
skill, risk and energy. Mainstream, team sports such as football,
baseball, soccer, basketball etc. are not to be considered action sports.

4. Applicant must have a positive outlook post-injury.

a. The High Fives Non-Profit Foundation is built upon the notion
that although life can strike us down, there is always room to grow, to
triumph over adversity and to be a beacon of hope.

5. Applicant can be funded for a goal in the adaptive sports
community. If the respective applicant suffers an SCI outside of the
winter action sports community, funding can be granted towards
the goal of pursuing a dream within said community.

a. (Applicant may be funded by a High Fives Non-Profit
Foundation Grant if their respective goals correlate with criteria stated in
the winter sports community programs.)

6. Applicant must agree to work with the High Fives Non-Profit
Foundation as an ambassador and champion of the mission

7. Applicant’s award must meet all qualifying criteria required by
the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation and is determined in
accordance with the financial status of the foundation.
Additionally, the requested amount must be considered to match
the fiscal tax year’s budget for the foundation’s minimum giving

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