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Bob Vogel

Bob Vogel | Loomis, CA

Bob is a T10 complete paraplegic. His injury was a fracture/dislocation of T11/T12 with multiple broken ribs. His back is surgically repaired with rods from T6- L2. The injury occurred while practicing a 100-foot back summersault prior to a ski show. Bob was a professional freestyle skier (moguls and aerials) and stuntman (he is one of the main stuntmen in Hot Dog The Movie – listed in credits). When he was practicing, the conditions were changing and the jump iced up which caused him to over-rotate and land on his shoulders at the bottom of the landing hill.

He wants to return to adaptive off-road handcycling – a sport that Bob helped start in the late 90’s early 00’s along with Johnny Davis and other admirable athletes.

Bob knows many people in the disabled world, and has been wanting to work with the High Fives Foundation for years.

“Go beyond the limits!”



Adaptive Equipment, $2,395.00 & Remaining cost on a ReActive Adaptation Bomber Hand Cycle. The Kelly Brush Foundation and Challenged Athletes Foundation helped fund the ReActive Adaptation Bomber Hand Cycle

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