Sophie was member of the Falcon Ski Competition Team. On December 26, 2012, she was doing her first warm up runs on Bruce at the Mt. Rose Ski Resort in Reno, NV and she was hit by a skier at the bottom of the run towards the traverse. They were both thrown into a pine tree outside the boundary and Sophie sustained a spinal cord injury at the T6 level. Sophie has attained her short-term goal of living independently within a year after her injury and her long-term goal of recovery will include doing the many activities she loved to do, such as adaptive skiing, wheelchair tennis, kayaking, etc. Sophie wants to continue enjoy life to the fullest, maintain the muscle tone below her injury level and regain as much as function as possible.



Acupuncture with Dr. Zhu, Return to Walk Program as well as physical therapy sessions at Beyond the Chair (including travel expenses), an EasyStand Standing Frame and Personal Training with Chris Cloyd.

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