Tony Schmiesing


A C4-5 quadriplegic as the result of the spinal cord injury suffered at a beach where he grew up, and currently battling Syringomyelia, Tony’s tenacious surf/skate/ski DNA has pushed him through all sorts of obstacles and has to lead him into an endlessly surprising and beautiful life. Tony was bitten hard by the bi-ski bug when he hooked up with the folks over at Disabled Sports USA – Far West at Alpine Meadows and the stoke hasn’t subsided. With assistance from Winter Empowerment Fund, he looks to really push things forward in his skiing. You can follow Tony at where he writes about life, skiing, music and whatever else scratches his soul.

“It’s all happening right now, embrace it with a committed fearlessness.”



Aspen Seating, 3 rounds of lessons with Disabled Sports USA – Far West and the means to become the first quadriplegic skier to ride a super-pipe. 2011 – Adaptive Ski Rentals, Ski Lessons, video and editing, pilates for sit and ski, sit ski, gold pass 18-19, airfare and lodging, acupuncture, hands-on concept 2. 2012 – DSUSA – Far West Membership, Lessons, Rentals, Tickets, Video. 2013 –  Skiing. 2016 –  Half Pipe at X. 2017 –  Transport/Hauler for HOC Ski/rig, Adaptive Squaw Alpine pass 2018 – Adaptive Squaw Alpine Pass

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