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Whitton Hyde

Whitton Hyde | Edwards, CO

Whit was skiing with his coach at Copper Mountain. He was headed to the park to train when he lost control and hit a tree. He was taken by Flight for Life to Children’s Hospital in Denver. He had a fractured skull, Moderate TBI with an extensive bleed, 5 facial fractures including his eye sockets, torn ligaments in C6 and 7, broken radius & ulna, crushed femoral head and torn LCL in knee.

Whit is a very active kid and is always looking to compete. He had qualified to compete in USASA Nationals for park & pipe the last 3 years and did qualify pre-injury to compete this year. He would love to ski again, as well as be an active kid again. His knee injuries are preventing most of his physical activity at this time but prognosis is good. His TBI is the main focus & concern right now. He needs to improve short term memory, word recall, and solid safe decision making skills before he can return to most activities.

Whitton is a young kid who was struck with some bad luck, but his age and physical condition are on his side. He continues to work hard on cognitive exercises and his supportive family are helping in any way that they can.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”



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