Nearly $10,000 Awarded to Two Injured Athletes through High Fives Foundation Winter Empowerment Fund

Nearly $10,000 Awarded to Two Injured Athletes through High Fives Foundation Winter Empowerment Fund

The High Fives Foundation – Winter Empowerment Program Service disburses board approved grants to disabled winter action sports athletes participating in winter adaptive sports or recovering from a life altering injury. In November 2012 the Board of Directors approved the following grants for two athletes totaling $9,059.

To date, the Winter Empowerment Fund has assisted 34 athletes (from 10) states in eight respective funding categories which include: living expenses, insurance, travel, health, healing network, adaptive equipment, winter equipment, programs and stoke (positive energy, outlook and attitude).

November grant recipients include:

On January 3, 2011 professional snowboarder Danny Toumarkine suffered at traumatic brain injury while filming in Montana with Shreddy Times. Four brain surgeries left the New Hampshire native in a medically induced coma and temporarily paralyzed. Five weeks later Danny was released from the hospital and began his recovery. Countless hours of physical therapy and training were undertaken by Danny. Less than a year later Danny was cleared by his doctors to resume snowboarding. His mission now is to return to competition in the snowboarding world.
Grant Details: Training/Physical Therapy $3,000: six months of personal training with Chris Cloyd ($500/month), Coaching $239: One year of coaching at Woodward Tahoe.
Total $3,239.00

On March 24, 2012, 10-year Ski Patrol veteran, Sally Francklyn was skiing in the Jackson Hole backcountry when she fell, tumbled over 800 vertical feet on a 55 degree slope. Sally subsequently suffered a skull fracture, (with a traumatic brain injury), multiple cervical fractures, a T10 vertebra burst fracture, a pneumothorax injury (punctured lung), a broken ankle, and many scalp and arm lacerations. On the Glascow coma scale she scored a three and was near death for several weeks. After six weeks, Sally came out of her coma. Although Sally has a long road to recovery ahead of her, she remains a beacon of hope and positivity. Her goal is to once again, live independently and resume her career as a writer and public relations expert.
Grant Details: Cognitive Brain Training $4,860: three months of LearningRX Brain Training ($1,620/month), Massage $960: 12 massage sessions with with Margrit Trenker ($80/session) Total $5,820.00

The High Fives Foundation procures funding for such disbursements through laidback and fun fundraising events. The next marquee High Fives Foundation fundraising event will be the Squaw Valley Prom. It is scheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 8 p.m. at Squaw Valley. Details can be found at

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