Non-Profit Spotlight: Compton Foundation

Non-Profit Spotlight: Compton Foundation

About the Compton Foundation:

Established in 1946, Compton Foundation fosters positive and sustainable models of change. We are a family foundation based in the U.S. and working with a global perspective. To accomplish our mission we provide financial resources to galvanize the movement for transformative social change and justice, and our grantmaking totals over $4 million annually.

Over the past two years, 40% of our grants have gone to support policy, advocacy, or organizing in our primary fields of work and over 50% of our funding goes to support underserved communities and populations: women, rural communities, people of color, and small community based organizations. We believe that this kind of work is essential for social progress and democratic engagement that ensures policies to support the common good and benefit the planet.

At Compton Foundation, we take our role as private trustees of the public benefit very seriously and as such we do our part to support people working for democratic, positive social change. We will continue to be a partner with all working for a positive future by supporting policy, advocacy, organizing and underserved communities.

Learn more about this amazing organization here.

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