Taylor Fiddyment on High Five the Wave – Adaptive Surf Camp

Taylor Fiddyment on High Five the Wave – Adaptive Surf Camp

Winter Empowerment Fund Athlete: Taylor Fiddyment joined the High Fives Foundation for an adaptive surf camp this summer in San Clemente, CA at the San Onofre State Beach. Here are her thoughts on the experience:

“I don’t really remember getting strapped into the tandem WaveSki, but I remember the beautiful, exhilarating feeling of catching that first wave, and not caring how silly I sounded giggling like a little girl. It was freedom and reality and joy and peace, all at the same time. The power of the wave underneath the two of us (the instructor, Steve Boehne, and I) forcing us forward blew my mind over and over.

My first solo run I was nervous but confident because Master (Steve) Boehne said I was good to go. I got wrecked a few times and was tired by the time I got out the back of the waves, but as soon as I caught my first solo wave, all that fatigue was gone, and all that was left was that pure joy that you couldn’t escape even if you were crazy enough to want to. I felt like a mermaid, or Bethany Hamilton. The hooping and hollering from shore only made it that much better.

On shore the joy and encouragement from everyone else was amazing, I knew they were as stoked as I was that I was surfing. Watching my fellow injured humans eat wave and dominate wave was an experience I will never forget, it was like we felt the sore muscles together and we felt the joy of life together. It’s always better when we’re together in any experience. To the High Fives Foundation, thank you isn’t enough for this experience. To Shreddy Times, thank you isn’t enough for capturing this experience.

– Taylor Fiddyment

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