2024 Grant Cycle 1 is OPEN!

Welcoming applicants to Cycle 1 of the Empowerment Fund grant program.

What is the Empowerment Fund? High Fives Foundation’s Empowerment Fundprovides financial support and equipment to life-changing injury survivors in the form of board-approved grants for adaptive sports equipment, the High Fives healing network, and so much more.

What is the Empowerment Fund’s impact? Since 2009, the foundation has disbursed more than $8.3 million in Empowerment funding to 715 High Fives athletes in 46 states and Canada. We’ve provided 221 adaptive bikes, 100 full sets of skiing equipment, 55 wheelchairs, and 39 surf/kiteboards to athletes and veterans across North America through this Empowerment Fund, enabling traumatic injury survivors to rediscover their identity through sport.

Who can apply? Cycle 1 is open to those injured in outdoor adventure sports and wounded veterans pursing outdoor adventure sports. Be sure to get your applications in by January 30th, 2024!

Click HERE to apply.

High five to you!