The B.A.S.I.C.S (Being Aware Safe In Critical Situations) program was created to reach young athletes in order to promote smart decision making in the mountains and injury prevention.

Hi, I'm Fiver!

Fiver is the face of the High Fives Foundation's B.A.S.I.C.S program!

Fiver and his friends are here to remind you to stay smart on the snow. They know that whether you’re earning your turns in the backcountry, lapping the terrain park, or slaying powder inbounds, being aware of your surroundings will keep you stoked for years to come.

Episode 1 - #HelmetsAreCool

Professional skier and Tahoe local, Cody Townsend, shares the importance of attacking massive lines and pushing the limits but never forgetting his most important piece of equipment- his helmet. #helmetsarecool shows viewers the first step of skiing/riding should ALWAYS be putting on your helmet and then get STOKED for your day.

Episode 2 - Chairlift Safety

Chairlifts can be intimidating, but don't worry, Daron Rahlevs has got your back! This Olympian will teach you the best tips and trick of loading and unloading safely.

Episode 3 - Navigating the Mountain as an Adaptive Skier

Adaptive skiers are like any other person shredding down the slopes. Landon McGauley, Nick Fairall, Trevor Kennison, and Alana Nichols teach viewers to be aware of your surroundings, maintain your gear, and look out for one another.

Episode 4 - Gear Maintenance

Wintersteiger professionals explain the importance of keeping your gear wellmaintained and in top shape. It is more than maintenance - it is about safety!

Episode 5 - #RideAnotherDay

Using the NSAA's #rideanotherday concept, Ski Patrol and Ski Instructors teach viewers the basics of mountain safety, to be ready, to stay alert, to plan ahead, to respect the mountain, and to be responsible.

Eleven Years of Safety with


The B.A.S.I.C.S program consists of individual campaigns aimed at educating young athletes.

Over the past decade, we've created various, well-produced, public service announcement videos around messages promoting safety while having fun on the snow. Our campaigns include:

Fiver Character
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Mountain Rescue

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Helmets Are Cool

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Avalanche Awareness

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Know Your Park

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Our Mission

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To prevent injuries
before it's too late.

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The Campaigns

Each campaign features famous skiers and snowboarders telling their own stories while promoting risk of injury awareness. The videos also interview athletes who have suffered an injury from a skiing or snowboarding accident and are on the path to recovery.

Each campaign has its own mission. Whether it's promoting safety in the backcountry, the benefit of wearing a helmet, what to do in a collision, or how to stay safe in the terrain park, the B.A.S.I.C.S program is important to show young skiers and snowboarders everywhere.

Materials from the B.A.S.I.C.S program are available to present at schools and community events. High Fives Foundation is working to spread its messages via ambassadors and volunteers at events across the country. You can help.


Reach out to us with your contact information to learn more about hosting a presentation at your school, club, organization, or an orientation.