Adaptive Skiing and Snowboarding

Our athletes love the snow!

There are so many ways to get rad on the snow with a disability. Depending on the injury, our athletes are able to participate in adaptive skiing and adaptive snowboarding through a variety of ways. Here are some of the different ways our athletes get rad on the snow!

Adaptive Skiing and Snowboarding

For those who have adequate balance and range of motion, skiing or snowboarding on regular gear is possible with some help, training, or practice. Some ways of safely standing and skiing or boarding include:

adaptive stand-up skiier riding powder

2T/Two Tracking Adaptive Skiing

2T skiing means skiing with both legs on two skis, but with some help from adaptive devices or techniques to help control speed, balance, and muscle fatigue.

3T/Three Tracking Adaptive Skiing

3T skiing is skiing standing up on one leg on a single ski with two handheld outriggers to help with balance.

4T/Four Tracking Adaptive Skiing

4T skiing is skiing standing up on both legs on two skis with two handheld outriggers for four blades on the snow.

Ski Legs/Slider Adaptive Skiing

Skiing with ski legs involves skiing on two skis standing up between a ski frame to help with stability.

Adaptive Sit Skiier riding fast

Adaptive Sit

A lot of our athletes have become comfortable and confident in a sit-ski. There are a variety of sit skis like the ones listed below.

Adaptive Bi-Ski

Bi-skiing is sit skiing but with two skis underneath. A bi-ski can be controlled with handheld or fixed outriggers and skied independently or with an instructor, therapist, or family member.

Adaptive Mono Ski

A mono ski is a sit-ski with a single ski underneath that is skied independently with two handheld outriggers.

Adaptive Ski Bike

A ski bike is a sit-down ski on a bike frame. The rider can wear boots with ski blades to help with better control.


We've helped athletes with a range of visual impairments, amputations, cognitive and physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, and more get into adaptive snowsports. With the help of therapists, instructors, and family members, we bring back the stoke of sliding on the snow!

We work with local ski resorts that have adaptive ski programs and adaptive lessons including: Achieve Tahoe at Alpine Meadows, California National Sports Center for the Disabled at Winter Park, Colorado Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports at Killington, Vermont.

adaptive sit skier and friends riding powder