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Chris Bruha

Chris Bruha | Livingston, MT

During a paragliding trip with his best friends in Mexico City, Chris was involved in a horrendous accident. After taking flight, Chris realized he had a tension knot. In an attempt to make an emergency landing, Chris’s wing clipped a building while going 50 mph. His helmet saved his life, but the collision with the building led to both of his legs completed shattered, resulting in a double amputation.

Chris has always been an outdoor enthusiast and has prided himself on his fitness and ability. Since injury, he has had to adapt and figure out new life. Last year, he had the opportunity to ski for the first time, and friends claim they say a “spark in his eye again”. He wants to keep finding that spark.

Everything in moderation except excess!



$750 Adaptive Ski Lessons

What this grant would mean to me. I had not missed a winter on the slopes in over 40 year before my accident, this creates a circle of friends and family that enjoy doing the same things. So this means that High Five would be helping me get back to my previous life of making turns on our Montana slopes with my outdoor family.

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