Adaptive Mountain Biking

Our athletes love to mountain bike!

There's nothing better than shredding that brown pow. Ask our many athletes that have learned how to make adaptive mountain biking (adaptive MTB) their thing. Good luck trying to catch them on trails! Adaptive mountain biking is rising in popularity with the help of amazing technological advancements and adaptive equipment.


Off-road handcycles allow the rider to use their upper body strength to pedal with their hands. There are three types of handcycles:

athlete riding an adaptive recumbent hand cycle


The Recumbent Handcycle allows the adaptive rider to comfortably lean back while seated with the legs strapped facing forward. There are two wheels in the rear with one front wheel between the legs. Steering and pedaling is done with a hand crank located between the legs at chest height.


The Kneeling Handcycle allows the rider to face forward over two wheels while strapped in a bucket seat on their knees and shins. There is a single rear wheel that allows for a better turn radius. Pedaling is done by alternating hand cranks and steering is managed by a standard bike handlebar.


An Upright Handcycle allows the rider to be sitting upright rather than leaned back like the recumbent cycle. Legs are strapped facing forward between two front wheels. Steering and pedaling are done with hand cranks raised up to chest height in between the legs.

Adaptive Leg-Cycler riding on a trail


Adaptive leg-cycles are seated mountain bikes that the rider can pedal with their legs while steering and braking with their hands.

Recumbent Bike/Trike: The recumbent leg trike allows the rider to be sitting slightly reclined with a backrest while pedaling with the legs still facing out front. Hand cranks on both sides allow for accurate steering and braking. There are two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back.

Tandem Bikes

Tandem bikes can be ridden with two people, allowing a therapist, family member, or friend to pedal or steer. There are different types of adaptive tandem bikes to choose from that are similar to leg-cycles and handcycles but allow two riders!

  • Bike
  • Recumbent Leg-Cycle
  • Recumbent Handcycle
  • Hand and Leg Combo
friends riding an adaptive tandem bicycle
adaptive athlete riding a downhill adaptive mountain bike

Gravity Bikes

Gravity bikes typically have four wheels with full suspension and are maneuvered with a traditional bike handlebar. Gravity trikes are also available with one rear wheel and are often electric.