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Matthew Woeck

Matthew Woeck | Seattle, WA

While snowboarding at Sugar Bowl on Christmas day, Matt crashed into a tree. It was the end of the day, lifts had just shut down, but still, Matt called for help as loud as he could. Thankfully, an employee found him. He had boken 11 bones at the same time and was subsequently diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) causing chronic nerve and body pain.

“In every adversity there is an equivalency to benefit” – Evil Knievel



Adaptive Equipment E-Assist MTB $2,000

This grant will help me be able to have more enjoyment in my life and also to be able to ride a little bit again. I always hear my friends having fun and I just have to lay in pain and rest. This will let me ride a little bit again. Before my bad accident I snowboarded, mountain biked, skateboarded, surfed, and wakeboarded 20yrs.

Matthew Woeck, High Fives Athlete

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