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Keith Shirk

Keith Shirk | Lancaster, PA

Keith was enjoying a vacation with his friends in Maryland and thought he would run into the water and go for a swim. He tried to time the waves right and dive through one, but instead crashed into a sandbar right on the top of his head. Luckly, he had a friend right next to him that was able to roll him over and keep him from drowning. Unfortunately, Keith shattered his C5 vertebrae, sustaining a spinal cord injury. 

“No PAIN, NO GAIN! But one day at a time…”



Bowhead Corp *partial funding* Bowhead Reach MTB $2,000

I have long hoped to reignite my passion for the outdoors by introducing mountain biking and backpacking back into my life! This grant will do so by helping raise money for an adaptive mountain bike!

Keith Shirk, High Fives Athlete

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