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Drew is a T-12 paraplegic who sustained an injury falling off a chair lift while on duty as a ski patroller at a small mountain in the Black Hills of western South Dakota. As a result of the fall, not only did Drew receive an SCI, but also fractured ribs 8-12 on the right side, as well as both scapula.
Drew’s main recovery goal is to walk again, and each day has its own goals which will help to ensure progress. At this time, Drew has goals for home therapy and wants to find things that push his comfort zone and test his current abilities. Drew wants to seek out the environments and experiences that have provided him with an ever-changing perspective toward life.

“From the Needles to Everest, keep going up!”



Funding towards a DynAccess Monoski and a Custom Ski Bucket from Aspen Seating (2019). Membership to the YMCA and Set of Medicine Balls, Adaptive ski lessons at Winter Park, lodging and an Invacare hand cycle, (2) Months of Rent, Ski Lessons at Big Sky Resort with Accommodations. 

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