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Jarred Evans

Jarred Evans | Reno, NV

Jarred was surfing in Santa Monica, CA, when he fell off his board, crashed into a sandbar head first. The impact fractured his C-5 vertebrae and burst fracturing his C-6 vertebrae paralyzing him from the neck down. He then floated face down into the shallows where he drowned. A woman on the beach saw his surfboard floating in the water, but couldn’t see him. She eventually spotted him, called the lifeguard, and when he arrived he started CPR and had to defibrillate Jarred. He was then transported to the hospital via ambulance. Jarred was in the UCLA ICU for a month on a ventilator. Once he was able to get off the vent he was transported to Rancho Los Amigos rehab hospital where he stayed for two more months. He is currently still paralyzed from his nipple line down.

Everything Jarred does now is considered therapy, including all daily activities. The stronger he get the more independence he earns. Outdoor activities have always given him happiness mentally, physically and spiritually. The ability to get outside and enjoy what mother nature has to offer can be difficult when confined to a wheelchair but a Jeetrike will allow Jarred to get out of his chair and off the paved roads.

Jarred is on the High Fives rugby team in Reno, and familiar with the organization for a few years now. He works out at the Healing Center on a regular basis. He is a great guy, and is an amazing representative of the organization.

“A win is a win, no matter how long or hard the journey”



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