#highfivesathletes @ the CR Johnson Healing Center | June

June in the CR Johnson Healing Center!

Healing Center Trainers, Chris Cloyd and Natalie Gross, had a combined total of 70 hours working with #HighFivesAthletes in the CR Johnson Healing Center this June 2018. Meet the athletes – David Hewell, JASON ABRAHAMTAYLOR FIDDYMENT, Jim Kempner, Dennis Mankel, JARED VAN LEUVENJEFF ANDREWS, Brennan Parsons, Sophie Courdurier, Jarred Evens, Todd Wolfe & David Lowell and learn about their exercises this past month from their trainers! 

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Sophie Courdurier!
REGULAR EXERCISES: tennis, aerobic stretching, yoga stretching & push/pull
NEW EXERCISES: Sophie really wants to keep at the glute and abs so we are really incorporating exercises that challenge her core stability as well as strengthening her posterior chain
“Dainty But Deadly”

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with David Hewell!
REGULAR EXERCISES: glute activation, hamstring curls, trunk rotation/stabilization, leg presses, full kneeling stability, seated/supine gait
OUTSIDE THE GYM: We’ve gotten out on 1 ride a week this past month, and he’s really fired up on it. Building leg strength and a lot of stoke!
“DA’s lady is buying him an e- assist for his bike for his birthday next week!! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with JASON ABRAHAM!
REGULAR EXERCISES: upper body strength, gait work (supine), trunk stability/posture, rotational core stability, standing frame work, posterior chain activation (triceps/lats/delts), dips, sustained standing frame ballistics, T-spine mobility
OUTSIDE THE GYM: I can’t keep A-Bro off of the bike – this past month he commuted from his house at Alpine to his work at Squaw, using single- and double-track trails and fire roads, over the mountains. That’s a gnarly bike commute!
“A-Bro keeps pushing his bike skills, and we’re working hard in the gym to complement his game on the bike. He’s going on bigger and bigger rides and really getting out into the woods – it’s awesome to watch!”

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Trainer Chris Cloyd works with JEFF ANDREWS!
REGULAR EXERCISES: seated, prone, and supine strength and stability – push/pull, back extension, seated rotational resistance, seated back extension, overhead presses and triceps extensions, rotational pulls and pushes
OUTSIDE THE GYM: now that Jeff is back in town we’re reengaging some baseline fitness and mobility to set him up for summer activities, living large in his new home, the rest of surf season, and the upcoming rugby season
“Jeff’s new puppy is a really cool testament to his independence and ability as a person and as an athlete in recovery spreading his wings a bit more every day.”

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Todd Wolfe!
REGULAR EXERCISES: I just started working with Todd this month and he wasn’t doing much prior to us working out besides rugby but the season is over for right now
NEW EXERCISES: Todd and I will be working on simple exercises, particularly core stability and strength and figuring out ways to get his heart rate up as he is wanting to lose a considerable amount of weight
“Dude is a great guy!”


Trainer Chris Cloyd works with TAYLOR FIDDYMENT!
REGULAR EXERCISES: upper body strength, shoulder articulation/release, core work, posture and mobility
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Working at her church, camping with her friends, and traveling around with her teardrop camper – being a grown ass woman
“I value Tay’s perspective and grace so much – she’s such a strong and capable girl and I’m so proud to call her a friend.”

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Brennan Parsons!
REGULAR EXERCISES: balance/ indo board, water sports
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Brennan started working a job that threw off our normal routine pretty big time so we are hoping to get on a more consistent schedule this month
“Brennan is a really great dude who will kill it if he keeps at it. Love his positivity and outlook on life”


Trainer Chris Cloyd works with Dennis Mankel!
REGULAR EXERCISES: shoulder mobility work, ROM through back and neck (extension), release work, leg strength, push-pull strength
SHOWN IMPROVEMENT: less consistent pain, more mobility, a ton more strength through a standing posture, leg endurance, and shoulder mobility
“Dennis is so fired up to go surfing, and is really grateful and excited about the opportunity. We’re working on surf-specific stuff in the gym at his request!”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with Jim Kempner!

REGULAR EXERCISES: hip extension, upper body strength, ski-specific work, back extension and assoc. core work, standing hip extension
NEW EXERCISES: sit to stands in the standing frame! bridges, hip extension pulls, sit-ups, supine gait, leg presses, assisted deadlifts, and new ballistics work. Additional overhead instability under load. More work in the standing frame, including hip extension under load.
“Jim believes in our work, and goes out of his way to make us all feel like our work matters. It’s easy enough to lose sight of how special this place is sometimes, but Jim keeps it all very real.”

Trainer Chris Cloyd works with Jared Van Leuven!
REGULAR EXERCISES: standing strength ( squats, deadlifts, lunges), seated and standing rotational stability and strength, single leg balance and activation
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Back to work, back to real life – he’s focusing a lot of his energy on that side of his recovery right now.
“Jared’s doing this his way, which I fully understand and support. We’re here and ready to support him in the gym when he’s ready to get back in here!”


TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with David Lowell!
REGULAR EXERCISES: golfing, standing frame
SHOWN IMPROVEMENT: In the short time David and I have worked together, we have already seen increased improvement in leg function
OUTSIDE THE GYM: David went to Palo Alto last week to hopefully be included in a research study utilizing braces to help him walk
“HOORAH! Great athlete here with perseverance to walk, I have no doubt he one day will”

TRAINER Natalie Anne Gross works with Jarred Evans!
REGULAR EXERCISES : rugby, water activities. We just started working together but I know he has been doing a lot of high rep, low volume upper extremity exercises
OUTSIDE THE GYM: Jarred is super into camping and outdoor activities which is pretty rad so at least he’s getting out and enjoying life with friends and family
“Jarred has a very positive outgoing personality and I’m stoked to work with him and see what we can accomplish”

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