A letter from an Athlete | Ryan St.Lawrence

A letter from an Athlete | Ryan St.Lawrence Letters From an Athlete is a series that focuses on showcasing some of our Athletes, who are proud to represent and be supported by High Fives. It's also a chance for us to show off how appreciative the Foundation is to continue to support these individuals as ... Read more

Head back to school with High Five Athletes

September can be a very exciting and beautiful time of the year, the days are beginning to get shorter, the scorching august heat turns into a much more enjoyable temperature. In September, summer begins to transition into fall. Along with climate changes, there is also another massive change that happens for many. Back to school. ... Read more

Santa Cruz Surf

Summer is here! For High Fives Foundation, that means camps, camps, and more camps. We are so fortunate to host individuals at several locations to experience, participate and compete in multiple sports, including surfing, mountain biking, flyfishing, and RZR driving. These camps challenge and change an individual's perceptions of what they can do while building ... Read more

High Fives tackles Stetina Pay Dirt

We set out with a goal to show those who follow High Fives Foundation a different and unique perspective on the lives, thoughts, and feelings of our Athletes as they tackle and engage in life as passionate and talented individuals. These blogs don’t focus on disability. They do the opposite; these blogs show us how ... Read more

Access to My | Ryan Bodine

High Fives Provides me with My Access | Ryan Bodine   "Access To My" is a video series that allows High Fives to show donors and partners the direct impact and life-changing value that their support has on the High Fives Athletes and their families. ac·cess /ˈakˌses/ noun : freedom or ability to obtain or make ... Read more

Fathers Day Everyday!

We know that every day should probably be treated like fathers day, we are very fortunate to have incredible hard working and dependable dads in our lives who are there for us to dust us off when we fall down. A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he ... Read more


Passion. Passion is a word that has steered and transformed High Five Athlete Louis Arevalo's life.  The Colorado native has spent the majority of his life traveling around the world, following his passion for being behind a camera. In 2020 when a backcountry ski accident broke his back and left him  paralyzed his life was ... Read more

On Two Wheels | The Mike Garrison Story

My name is Mike Garrison, and I am just your average 34-year-old kid from the backwoods of Missouri. Do you remember the kid in school who struck out in t-ball, ran the wrong way on the basketball court, or got tangled in the soccer net? That was me. My parents recognized that perhaps traditional sports ... Read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

We know that we should always take the time to show extra special appreciation to all the women in our lives who have made the Foundation, the Athletes, and all the staff who they are. This upcoming Sunday is Mother's day, and we wanted to extend our love to all the mothers in our lives ... Read more