Muscle Memory- The Chris Muscle Story

High Fives supports a vast array of Athletes who have overcome a wide-spanning range of injuries. Sometimes the trauma is invisible to the naked eye. While many Athlete injuries are visible, such as paralysis from a spinal cord injury, High Fives also supports Athletes with injuries that are not as visibly apparent as wheelchairs or ... Read more

From a hospital bed, to the top of Half Dome – Athlete Ryan Bodine

Ryan Bodine  Goal Athlete Number: 305 Injury Level: SCI C7 Location: Nevada City Injury Date: 2/20/20 Cause: Snowboarding Having been so lucky to recover extremely quickly, my main goal is to snowboard again. Along with snowboarding, my goals are to run a mile, surf, and rock climb. A long term goal I have is to ... Read more

Return to Dirt x High Fives RZR Camp 2021

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were returning from the dust of 2020's Return To Dirt Camp. The camp continues to be a favorite of both staff and #HighFivesAthletes. The combination of great people, high-powered vehicles, lakes, sunshine, and camping makes it quite challenging to not have an amazing time. Some incredible ... Read more

Shelby Estocado | From the top to the bottom and back

Shelby Estocado has been an athlete all her life. As a standout softball player at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, and then at Tulsa University in Oklahoma. Estocado went on to play for Team USA as a member of the National Baseball Women's Team in 2016.  “I grew up playing tons of sports, ... Read more

High Fives Athletes Secure Gold in Italy!

We know that all of our Athletes are out making the most of every situation they are faced with. We take a lot of pride and fulfillment in seeing an Athlete that we have supported return to the sports they love most following a life-changing injury.  Part of being a High Fives Athlete is finding ... Read more

High Five The Hill 2021

Winter Park 2021 The Return of Ski camps BOOM, just like that, 2020 is over. Although We are not sad to be saying goodbye to that year, we do owe it some appreciation.  We learned a lot about ourselves and about what we are capable of. We tend to learn the best lessons under pressure ... Read more