Tony Schmiesing on the Power of Partnership and Pursuing Dreams as an Adaptive Skier In the video, Tony Schmiesing from Berkeley, California, talks about his lifelong love for skiing, surfing, and skating, which he describes as part of his DNA. He shares how he found his skiing partners, Brian and Roy Tuscany through a chance encounter and how their partnership has been invaluable to him. Tony explains that ... Read more

Vermont SportsCar and High Fives Foundation Partner to Take Adaptive Skiing to the Next Level

VERMONT SPORTSCAR x HIGH FIVES FOUNDATION Positive growth. Vermont SportsCar, the world-renowned rally car manufacturer, and the High Fives Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping injured athletes, have teamed up to bring adaptive skiing to the next level. The partnership between Vermont SportsCar and the High Fives Foundation is a natural fit. Both organizations … Read more

2022 Silver Tie Gala

Your attendance at the Silver Tie Gala represents a ripple effect of positive impact that overflows our mission beyond the brim. You and 399 Ohana friendships, High Fives Athletes, brand partners, and staff represent what it means to fearlessly serve as the safety-net of the outdoor action sports community. Thank you for supporting the 2022 ... Read more

High Fives annual Maui surf trip

It feels like yesterday we were engulfed in the Ohana vibes as we watched Athletes and their family experience gorgeous waves together in beautiful Maui. This year we are back, and the Ohana vibes are as strong as ever. We brought 12 Athletes and their families to Maui to grow, improve, heal and love in ... Read more

2022 B.A.S.I.C.S Campaign Focused on Collisions High Fives Foundation Celebrates 12th Year Promoting Mountain Safety

basics 2022 collisions video preview
2022 B.A.S.I.C.S Campaign Focused on Collisions High Fives Foundation Celebrates 12th Year Promoting Mountain Safety TRUCKEE, CA: The 2022 initiative for the High Fives Foundation’s B.A.S.I.C.S (Being Aware and Safe in Critical Situations) campaign is focused on collisions. The B.A.S.I.C.S program has been running for twelve years and helps to prevent injuries on the mountain with ... Read more

Revolutions | The Jay Davis Story

As anyone who is fortunate enough to find a great passion in life knows, it becomes who you are. People begin to define you as your passion, you think about it non stop, and it has great power over what you become. When your passion is something that involves risks you think about possible negative ... Read more