Conor O’Brian’s High Country Hurdle

Full Cycle Bikes Marketing Manager Conor O’Brian, a community builder, philanthropist, and avid cyclist, embarked on an epic four-day, 740-mile ride through the Rocky Mountains as part of the Colorado High Country 1200, in support of the High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt program. High Country Hurdle Fundraising Goal: 111% Achieved!Route Goal: 100% Achieved! Event: … Read more

June 2nd Return to Dirt Trip

An Unforgettable Day with Chris Fesmire On June 2nd, the Return to Dirt program brought unparalleled excitement to the trails with Chris Fesmire at the wheel. This adventure was nothing short of spectacular, as Chris’s enthusiasm and joy were evident from start to finish. “THAT WAS THE BEST DAY I HAVE HAD IN A LONG … Read more

GoPro Mountain Games

We were thrilled to be part of this year’s GoPro Mountain Games, held from June 6-9, 2024, in beautiful Vail, CO. As the nation’s premier festival of adventure sports, art, and music, the event was the perfect platform for High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt program to set up a booth and engage with the … Read more

First Return to Dirt Trip of the Season!

On May 19th, our Return to Dirt program kicked off its first trip of the season in Grand Junction, Colorado. We were thrilled to host two amazing athletes: Kyle Poole, on his third adventure with us, and Justin Hirshfield, joining for the first time. The excitement was palpable as they explored the backcountry, showcasing the … Read more

Three Thrilling Snow Track Days with Return to Dirt

In the 2023-2024 season, Return to Dirt, organized three exhilarating snow track days. These events provided an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to experience the thrill of riding Can-Am Maverick X3’s on specially designed snow tracks. Let’s delve into what makes these snow track days so special and the unforgettable experiences they provided for participants. What … Read more

Behind the Wheel with High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt Program

In a world where limitations often overshadow aspirations, the Return to Dirt program, a service of the High Fives Foundation, stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for physically impaired individuals. Through innovative equipment and dedicated instruction, this program empowers disabled athletes to reclaim their sense of adventure and explore the great outdoors in … Read more

Snow Track Days 2024 | A Thrilling Journey with the Return to Dirt Program in Aspen, CO

Date: 01/14/24 & Location: Aspen, CO Video: Light Bulb Media The crisp mountain air of Aspen, Colorado was charged with excitement as the Return to Dirt program of the High Fives Foundation recently embarked on their Snow Track Days adventure. With a convoy of three specially adapted Hand Controlled Vehicles, six athletes experienced an unforgettable … Read more

Return to Dirt 2023 Recap

In the world of extreme sports and overcoming challenges, High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt program stands as a beacon of resilience and community support. The 2023 recap of this initiative reveals a year filled with triumphs, innovation, and a deep sense of camaraderie among athletes facing life-altering injuries. “In our biggest season yet, there’s … Read more