2023 Return to Dirt in Glenwood Springs, CO

Step into the heart of adventure with this High Five Adaptive Camp! From July 24th to 27th, 2023, in Glenwood Springs, CO, we celebrated our 100th camp. Eight inspiring athletes, six hand-controlled vehicles, and 75 miles of open road embody the essence of empowerment. Join us in commemorating this milestone as we continue to uplift … Read more

Muc-Off Presents 2022 Return to Dirt California

Jackson Meadows, CA 12 athletes, 6 first-time UTV Drivers BRAAAP BRAAAAP... That is the sound that cracks the serenity of the beautiful Tahoe forest as RZRs throw roosts of dirt 20 feet into the air. These @canamoffroad X3’s are not the only ones in the area, but they are the only ones that are driven without ... Read more