Three Thrilling Snow Track Days with Return to Dirt

In the 2023-2024 season, Return to Dirt, organized three exhilarating snow track days. These events provided an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to experience the thrill of riding Can-Am Maverick X3’s on specially designed snow tracks. Let’s delve into what makes these snow track days so special and the unforgettable experiences they provided for participants.

What is Return to Dirt? Return to Dirt is the adaptive motorsports program that puts disabled individuals behind the wheel of their own adventure. We have “disability friendly” accessible UTVs that we share with anybody that needs assistance getting into the backcountry. None of our participants pay for the experiences that we provide and we survive off of donations.

What is a Snow Track Day? A snow track day is a unique opportunity for individuals to enjoy the great outdoors while maneuvering powerful hand controlled UTVs on safe and scenic snow tracks.

Each snow track day featured two Can-Am Maverick X3’s navigating through breathtaking snow courses, ensuring both excitement and safety for all involved. Participants had the opportunity to test their skills and explore the snowy terrain in adapted vehicles, accompanied by experienced co-drivers from Return to Dirt.

Over the course of three days in Aspen, Colorado, a total of 28 athletes took part in the snow track days, embracing the adventure and camaraderie that these events foster. With each new video release capturing the excitement of the events, these snow track days serve as a testament to the power of outdoor recreation in promoting joy, community, and empowerment. Let’s take a look at the athletes who joined in the excitement on each day and the unique videos that were captured each time…

#1 Snow Track Day 01/14/24

  • Dan Soller
  • Adam Lavender
  • David Moya
  • Kayla Sarmiento
  • Roxy Hernandez

#2 Snow Track Day 02/11/24

  • Dan Soller
  • David Moya
  • Soren Lindholm
  • Quincey Snyder
  • Jason Coleman
  • Matt Tychsen
  • Luis “Fernie” Arrendondo
  • Sam Ferguson

#3 Snow Track Day 02/18/24

  • Jasmin Bambur
  • Sam Summers
  • Tyler Wano
  • David Moya
  • Matt Tychsen
  • Dean Ahrens
  • Brian Biggs
  • Rov Tuscanv
  • Alana Nichols
  • Jovan Castillo
  • Stephen Lawler
  • Adam Lavender
  • Jim Harris
  • Dan Soller

Return to Dirt provided an unforgettable experience for participants, combining adrenaline-pumping action with the beauty of Colorado’s snowy landscapes. As athletes tackled the challenging courses in adapted vehicles, they not only pushed their own boundaries but also celebrated the spirit of adventure and resilience.

Thank you to our sponsors; United Access, SureGrip Hand Controls, Yokohama Tires, GoPro, Monster Energy Cares, and Darn Tough Vermont.

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