Unveiling the 5 HIGHlights of February 2024

We warmly welcome you to reflect with us on the initial steps of 2024 – February. As we explore the memories of this lively month, we’re thrilled to unveil the 5 KEY moments that have set the tone for the year. Let’s commemorate the extraordinary accomplishments and significant occurrences that have marked this month as … Read more

Dive into the High Fives Foundation’s Vibrant Social Community!

Are you looking for a community that uplifts, inspires, and champions inclusivity? Look no further than the High Fives Foundation! As a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with life-changing injuries, we not only provide support but also foster a vibrant community across various social media platforms. Follow Us on All of Our Socials! @hi5sfoundation … Read more

Behind the Wheel with High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt Program

In a world where limitations often overshadow aspirations, the Return to Dirt program, a service of the High Fives Foundation, stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for physically impaired individuals. Through innovative equipment and dedicated instruction, this program empowers disabled athletes to reclaim their sense of adventure and explore the great outdoors in … Read more

The Unexpected Journey – Season 3 Recap

In a world where challenges seem insurmountable, where barriers appear unbreakable, there exists a beacon of hope—a platform that amplifies the voices of those who defy expectations, push boundaries, and live life to the fullest. This platform is none other than “The Unexpected Journey,” a podcast hosted by the indomitable Tim Brown, brought to you … Read more

Uniting Adventure and Style: High Fives Foundation x Skida 2024 Collaboration Collection

In a fusion of fashion and empowerment, the High Fives Foundation and Skida unveil their latest collaboration collection—a vibrant lineup of beanies, hats, and neckies. Inspired by adaptive athletes and their sports equipment, each design symbolizes resilience and inclusivity. Shop the Collection HERE! This partnership celebrates the triumphs of individuals like Shelby Estocado, High Fives … Read more

High Fives Foundation and Outdoor Tech®

If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. Amidst the whirlwind of internet distractions, you’ve chosen to pause here, showing remarkable attention and focus. Now, let’s talk about something truly riveting—a partnership that has endured nearly a decade, between High Fives Foundation and Outdoor Tech®. Since its inception, this collaboration has been nothing short … Read more

Five for Fives Program

At High Fives Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration and community support to uplift those in need. Through our innovative Five for Fives Program, we’ve forged partnerships with a diverse range of brands that share our passion for making a difference in the outdoor community. With each contribution, we’re building a safety net … Read more

Honoring Veterans: The Patriot Fund Grants $10,000 to Empower Heroes

We are thrilled to announce a momentous partnership with The Patriot Fund, an organization dedicated to providing critical services to deserving veterans. The Patriot Fund’s mission aligns perfectly with our own, as we both strive to ensure that veterans receive the support they need for a full and fulfilling life. The Patriot Fund’s vision, rooted … Read more

Give’r and High Fives Foundation Launch New Glove for a Cause

In 2021, we embarked on a remarkable journey of partnership with Give’r, a company that shares our commitment to empowering adventurers and honoring the call of the wild. Together, we’ve embarked on a mission to raise funds, awareness, and support for our cause—and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary. Through our collaborative efforts, … Read more

“Weak Layers” Available on Amazon and Apple TV

Discover the exhilarating journey of “Weak Layers,” the captivating ski and snowboard film set against the backdrop of Lake Tahoe. Available now on Amazon and Apple TV, this must-watch adventure promises excitement and laughter from start to finish. Don’t miss the High Fives crew in one of the scenes! More info HERE. Follow three spirited … Read more