Shredding Success at Winter Park Camp

Let’s dive into this year’s Single Day Athlete Shred Camp at Winter Park Resort!

Gathering on April 5th, a large group of passionate High Fives Athletes came together, ready to conquer the mountain and push their limits. From seasoned pros to eager newcomers, the camaraderie was palpable as everyone geared up for a day of thrills and spills. The crisp mountain air greeted the campers as they hit the slopes, carving their way through fresh powder and tackling challenging terrain with finesse. With Winter Park’s renowned trails as their playground, each turn and jump became a testament to their skill and determination. Fun Fact! All photos were taken on GoPro!

As the day drew to a close, there was a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment among the campers. High fives were exchanged, marking not only the end of a fantastic day but also the promise of future adventures together since the next day was the celebrated Retro Shred A Thon.

We’ll see you next year for another epic ride at Winter Park Camp!