Montana Fly Fish 2022

We are back in Montana at the Silver Bow Lodge for one of the most transformative camps of the year. We have been running this camp since 2018, and it has proven to have profound therapeutic effects on not just the Athletes but also on staff, volunteers, and all those in attendance. The combination of ... Read more

High Five The Hill 2022

Just like that, another year has passed and we are back in Colorado for our annual High Five The Hill ski camp. Like many camps, this one seems to progress and change year to year. We spend the week seeing first timers become mentors, ushering in new sit skiers, and showing them the ropes of ... Read more

Waco BSR Surf presented by Nuvasive

All of the elements truly lined up for this camp. One of the greatest wave pools around, amazing sponsors and watermen, and some of the best adaptive surfers in the world. One wouldn't necessarily guess that they would be riding a perfect wave in the middle of Texas, but that was the case for this ... Read more

MotoDemption 2021 | Mike Garrison

MotoDemption 2021 featuring High Fives Athlete Mike Garrison Newest Empowerment Video by @generikaldesign  just released! High Fives Foundation Welcomes Adaptive Motocross Riders to Annual Motodemption Camp If a guy who can't move or feel 75% of his body can celebrate his 5-year wedding anniversary with the girl of his dreams by doing the sport he ... Read more

2021 US Open of Adaptive Surfing

Surfers form a circle to honor the lives lost on September 11th, 2001.   US Open of Adaptive Surfing #HighFivesAthletes include - Ty Turner, Tommy Counihan, Mike Pingatore, Jeff Andrews, Jason Abraham, Ethan Kairer, Trevor Kennison, Alana Nichols, & Roy Tuscany. Made Possible by Outerknown, Dakine, Leus Towels, Liquid Death, Sun Bum, Eddie Bauer, Charlotte's ... Read more

Return to Dirt x High Fives RZR Camp 2021

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were returning from the dust of 2020's Return To Dirt Camp. The camp continues to be a favorite of both staff and #HighFivesAthletes. The combination of great people, high-powered vehicles, lakes, sunshine, and camping makes it quite challenging to not have an amazing time. Some incredible ... Read more

High Five The Hill 2021

Winter Park 2021 The Return of Ski camps BOOM, just like that, 2020 is over. Although We are not sad to be saying goodbye to that year, we do owe it some appreciation.  We learned a lot about ourselves and about what we are capable of. We tend to learn the best lessons under pressure ... Read more

High Fives 2020 East Coast Bike Day

We are proud to continue to support Adaptive athletes across the country! Getting to run one mountain bike camp in a week is really great but getting to run two separate mountain bike camps on different sides of the country in one week is very special. We ran our second day of the Northstar epic ... Read more