Retro Shred-A-Thon Recap

Last weekend, the High Fives Foundation hosted an electrifying Retro Shred-A-Thon, bringing together a community fueled by passion and camaraderie. Despite facing the wild winds of nature, the event emerged as a testament to resilience and collective spirit. Presented by Phunkshun Wear and hosted at Winter Park Resort, check out the full recap below!

Event Highlights

  • Fundraising Triumph: With an unwavering dedication to their cause, the 9th Annual Retro Shred-A-Thon saw an outstanding fundraising success, rallying a total of $62,124. The generosity of 51 participants, including 16 remarkable athletes, alongside numerous supporters, propelled the event to surpass its goals.
  • Top Fundraisers: Damon Baz Redd emerged as the champion fundraiser, spearheading the charge with an impressive $8,248 raised. Their commitment exemplifies the unwavering spirit of the High Fives Foundation’s mission.
  • Athletic Achievement: Among the standout fundraisers were Soren Lindholm and Sally Francklyn, who raised $2,288 and $3,580, and shredded the slopes all day with the High Fives Ohana.
  • Adversity Conquered: Despite facing challenging weather conditions, with 40-mile per hour winds at the base and a staggering 100-mile per hour winds on the summit, the spirit of the Retro Shred-A-Thon remained unyielding. Quick thinking and adaptability ensured the event’s success, with vendors seamlessly relocated indoors. The resilience displayed by participants and organizers alike embodied the indomitable spirit of the High Fives Foundation.
  • Stoke and Support: Dariel, a High Fives Athlete, captured the essence of the day, reflecting on the infectious enthusiasm and positivity that permeated the event.

Community Impact

The Retro Shred-A-Thon transcended the realm of fundraising, serving as a catalyst for unity and empowerment within the High Fives community. Beyond the dollars raised, the event ignited a spark of hope and solidarity, reaffirming the foundation’s commitment to supporting individuals in their journey towards recovery and resilience.

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In the words of Tim Burr, an embodiment of the foundation’s ethos, events like the Retro Shred-A-Thon not only uplift spirits but also fuel the noble cause championed by the High Fives Foundation. Together, they forge a path towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

As the echoes of laughter and camaraderie linger, the Retro Shred-A-Thon stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of resilience, unity, and compassion embodied by the High Fives Foundation and its community.

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