Return to Dirt 2023 Recap

In the world of extreme sports and overcoming challenges, High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt program stands as a beacon of resilience and community support. The 2023 recap of this initiative reveals a year filled with triumphs, innovation, and a deep sense of camaraderie among athletes facing life-altering injuries.

“In our biggest season yet, there’s so many positive memories and experiences to reflect on. I’m also infinitely proud of our growth on the quality of the experiences we’re providing with our high level of experience and efficiency as a program.” – Tim Burr, Return to Dirt Program Manager


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Return to Dirt 2023 recap is a celebration of triumphs, resilience, and community. It’s a reminder that with the right support, individuals facing challenges can redefine their limits and reclaim a sense of freedom on the trails. This program is not just about riding; it’s about proving that, indeed, the dirt is a canvas for triumphs.