Conor O’Brian’s High Country Hurdle

Full Cycle Bikes Marketing Manager Conor O’Brian, a community builder, philanthropist, and avid cyclist, embarked on an epic four-day, 740-mile ride through the Rocky Mountains as part of the Colorado High Country 1200, in support of the High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt program.

High Country Hurdle

Fundraising Goal: 111% Achieved!
Route Goal: 100% Achieved!

Event: High Country Hurdle for Return to Dirt
Date: June 23-26
Location: Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Route: 740 miles
Participants: 20+ riders
Fundraising Goal: $10,000

“The only thing better than riding a bike all day long is the opportunity to do so with a distinct purpose, and that’s exactly what I felt through each of my forty pedaling hours. I’m grateful for the High Fives & Return to Dirt community, who welcomed me and my idea into their world, and grateful for those who helped us beat our fundraising goal. My body is worn down, but my spirit and heart have never felt so full.”

– Conor O’Brian

Conor was introduced to the High Fives Foundation and Return to Dirt through his best friend, Luke, who has dedicated years to supporting the High Fives mission of expanding possibilities for those with life-changing injuries. Inspired by Luke’s stories and the impact of the Return to Dirt program, Conor felt compelled to get involved and support this incredible cause.

The Ride

From June 23-26, Conor and over 20 other cyclists undertook the grueling Colorado High Country 1200, riding 740 miles through the Rocky Mountains. The daily breakdown of the ride was:

  • Day 1: 188 miles, 10,100′ elevation gain
  • Day 2: 204 miles, 10,500′ elevation gain
  • Day 3: 204 miles, 11,000′ elevation gain
  • Day 4: 148 miles, 5,000′ elevation gain

Throughout the ride, Conor and his fellow cyclists started and ended in Louisville, Colorado, with three nights spent in the small mountain town of Walden. The journey was filled with challenges, breathtaking scenery, and a deep sense of purpose.

Join us in supporting Conor O’Brian and the High Fives Foundation’s Return to Dirt program. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those who face life-changing injuries, helping them rediscover their love for adventure and the great outdoors.