Charlotte’s Web Highlights High Fives as July Partner Spotlight

Throughout the 15-year history of High Fives Foundation, we have been fortunate to partner with companies that are doing incredible things to improve and heal others’ lives. It is important for us to align with brands that represent and embody what we stand for. Charlotte’s Web’s pursuit of health and wellness does just that. As the July 2024 Spotlight Partner, we extend a HIGH FIVE to Charlotte’s Web for their support.

The Power of Charlotte’s Web

The support from Charlotte’s Web has been invaluable. Many of our Athletes use the power of CBD after workouts or sports sessions as a form of recovery. The healing properties run deeper than just recovery, providing relief for nerve pain without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. A few gummies, a drop of tincture, or capsules provide instant relief.

Jason Abraham, a High Fives Athlete, shared his experience: “I’ve been taking the extra strength hemp extract capsules for a few months now. They help manage spasticity, muscle pain recovery, sleep, and digestion. Their products offer simple solutions for active disabled athletes. I’m grateful for the partnership between High Fives and Charlotte’s Web and excited for other athletes to reap the benefits.”

A Relationship Built on a High Five

While High Fives Founder Roy Tuscany was working out at Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) in Dallas, Texas, he met the staff of Charlotte’s Web. They had recently become a Philanthropic Pillar Partner of ATF, and Roy’s class was the first to be supported. Both brands stood for continual self-improvement and shared similar values.

Charlotte’s Web became a partner of High Fives and ATF, using their unique healing powers to benefit High Fives Athletes in their pursuit of recovery and athletic excellence. They also supported different factions of the Foundation, sponsoring all adaptive camps, golf tournaments, The Silver Tie Gala, the CR Johnson Healing Center, and The Last High Five Campaign.