The Last High Five of 2021

You may have seen emails, text or social media posts from lots of different Athletes regarding the final fundraiser of the year, The Last High Five of 2021. This is a fundraiser that we always put a lot of effort and time into to make it successful and fun for all those who wish to ... Read more

Jay Rawe is pushing the sport of sit skiing

#HighFivesAthlete, Jay Rawe is pushing the sport of sit skiing in Matchstick Productions' newest creation, THE STOMPING GROUNDS. Jay Rawe joined a full house at Palisades Tahoe for the MSP Tahoe movie premiere. Filming with Scott for the MSP movie The Stomping Grounds was incredible. Walking into the venue on the day of the premiere, ... Read more

High Five Athlete Ronan Patel goes for the big one!

Hi, my name is Ronan Patel. I was injured on July 11th, 2020, in a rock-climbing accident. I sustained a traumatic brain injury and other injuries in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and spent 3 weeks in ICU. I have been in rehabilitation working on my Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and Physical therapy ever since. When I got ... Read more

Sea Otter Classic 2021

The importance of inclusion is something that cannot be stressed enough. Of course, we always knew this but seeing it in action at the 2021 Sea Otter classic showed further proof. For the first time in the event's history, there were to be two adaptive events with multiple competitors in each. These adaptive riders were ... Read more

High Five Athlete Tommy Counihan shreds Northstar

Words by: Tommy Counihan Photos by: Josh Brownlee and Jordan Drew/Alpine Media  A cool crisp morning greets me as I rise before the sun, begrudgingly putting on pants and a jacket for the first time since winter. My mantra, “Todays gonna be epic!” is just enough to get my southern blood out the door. This ... Read more

MotoDemption 2021 | Mike Garrison

MotoDemption 2021 featuring High Fives Athlete Mike Garrison Newest Empowerment Video by @generikaldesign  just released! High Fives Foundation Welcomes Adaptive Motocross Riders to Annual Motodemption Camp If a guy who can't move or feel 75% of his body can celebrate his 5-year wedding anniversary with the girl of his dreams by doing the sport he ... Read more

Muscle Memory- The Chris Muscle Story

High Fives supports a vast array of Athletes who have overcome a wide-spanning range of injuries. Sometimes the trauma is invisible to the naked eye. While many Athlete injuries are visible, such as paralysis from a spinal cord injury, High Fives also supports Athletes with injuries that are not as visibly apparent as wheelchairs or ... Read more