Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews

United States of America
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Truckee, CA

Jeff Andrews suffered a C6 burst fracture with associated spinal cord injury and transverse process fractures at the L1, L2, and L3 levels, resulting in quadriplegia at the C5/6 level in a snowboarding accident that occurred at Sugar Bowl Resort in Norden, CA on March 15, 2014. Jeff’s goal is to become as independent as his condition will permit and return to the most active lifestyle possible. Jeff is currently adjusting to the adversity with an infectious smile and positive attitude.

In April 2014 Jeff received a Board approved grant for $1,363.41 to be used toward massage and acupuncture at Craig Hospital (Englewood, CO) and a 6 month supply of healing supplements – all items not covered by his insurance carrier. In 2017 Jeff won his division at the USA National Championship for Surfing.


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High Fives has provided:

Massage and Acupuncture from Craig Hospital, Multiple Supplements, 6-Months of Training at SCI-Fit in Sacramento, CA, Massage from Karen Stubbs, Neuro Kinesis Pilates with Chris Cloyd of the Performance Training Center by JM, Acupuncture with Vitality Primary Care, Travel, Food while Training in the Neurokinetic Pilates Method at Body Wellness Hawaii, 9-Months of Training with Jack Powell and Massage therapy with Diego Bohl. 2014 – Massage, Acupuncture, Supplements, 50-Pack at SCI-FIT, Neurokinetic Pilates. 2015 – Neurokinetic Pilates w/ Jack Powell for 9-Months at the Healing Center, Massage & Acupuncture at Healing Center (15 of each), Massage Sessions w/ Karen. 2016 –  Skiing at DSUSA, Massage, Acupuncture, Neurokinetic Pilates, Training w/ Alejandra. 2017 – Neurokinetic Pilates w/ BWH, Massage. 2018 – Massage & Physical Therapy with Diego. Participant of High Five the Wave 7 – Oahu, Participant of High Five the Wave 9 – San Clemente, Participant of High Five the Wave 10 – Santa Cruz, Participant of High Five the Wave 11 – Oahu, Participant of High Five the Wave 12 – San Clemente. 2019 – Massage (36) with Karen Stubbs

Jeff Andrews

Past Camp Participation

  • High Five the Wave 12 – San Clemente
  • Participant of High Five the Wave 11 – Oahu
  • High Five the Wave 10 – Santa Cruz
  • High Five the Wave 9 – San Clemente
  • High Five the Wave 7 – Oahu

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