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Born: 10/13/60

Injured: 10/1/1986

Injury: SCI C2 C3/Hemiplegia

Military Branch: NAVY

E5 Dennis Mankel served 10years in the Navy. Originally raised in Arkansas, he currently resides in Reno, NV. After his service, Dennis went on to receive a degree in speech pathology.

In 1986 while boxing in an exhibition match, Dennis was hit in a fight, causing his C2 and C3 disc to go into his spinal cord, pinning it to his spine. During the time of the injury, Dennis had a Naval promotion coming and didn’t want any setbacks, so he continued forward. He began to have problems with the function of his right arm and leg. About a year and a half later, while in a New Jersey hospital, Dennis was informed that he had severe spinal cord compression. Thereafter, he was sent to a Naval hospital for emergency surgery to decompress his spine. Two years later his C-2 disc broke again. Dennis would go on to have a total of 22surgeries.

Dennis goal for ATF’s 9week program, is to increase the strength and coordination of the right side of his body. He also wants to be part of a community and looks forward to the opportunity to improve his diet and health.



A physically demanding 9-week training program at the Reno Rec Department and Adaptive Training Foundation, ski gear from Armada, Smith Optics and more, a week of skiing with Achieve Tahoe, and rentals, food and accommodations at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. 2017 – M2M.
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