Renown Hospital X High Fives Foundation Peer Mentor Program

High Fives Foundation and Renown Health

A Relationship built on care

High Fives Foundation has always been fortunate in being able to partner with organizations and foundations who share similar business practices and ideologies.

Renown hospital, like High Fives Foundation, is built on the principles of caring for individuals through recovery. Renown focuses on person to person specialized treatment to promote optimal recovery and wellness.

When a life-changing spinal cord injury happens you can never truly be prepared. No one plans on becoming injured. If it does happen, Renown is there With dedicated staff and support to help an individual and their family through recovery.

Sometimes after a major injury, a person feels like they have lost their community or just needs to talk to someone who has gone through something similar. that is why High Fives partnered with renown to start the Peer mentor program.

We have many amazing Athletes who have been through a spinal cord injury, they know how devastating it can be but they also know the opportunities it can present and how fulfilling life can be. They are able to answer some questions that a patient maybe doesn’t feel comfortable talking with a doctor or nurse about.

“At Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, we will empower and educate you and your family about your injury and prepare you for your future. When you are here, we will set high expectations for you to work hard so you can maximize your recovery.”

These Athletes know how to deal with the early stages of a spinal cord injury and have tips and tricks to make life easier. That is why we started the peer mentor program. We have an Athlete arrive at Renown hospital after someone with a spinal cord injury arrives. We always try to pair up the newly injured individual with an Athlete who has a similar injury. That way they can see someone living with what they will be dealing with.

“Having been through a spinal cord injury myself – I know how difficult it can be. Talking to someone who had found great enjoyment in life after a spinal cord injury helped me so much early on. Being able to try and do the same for someone else gives me so much enjoyment. Seeing someone who is down in the dumps and then showing them all the things they will be capable of, is so amazing.”- Athlete #216 Jarred Evans

Sometimes It will just be a short chat from our Athletes if the family or injured individual isn’t ready to talk, but it starts to build a connection. we have Athletes at the hospitals weekly. The next week the family may have a few more questions and its a bit longer of a visit. These weekly meets provide a more clear picture of the future while instilling confidence in a newly injured individual. 

since the beginning, High Fives has been able to send many of our Athletes to meet with over 40 newly injured people. Many of these individuals went on to be very successful post-injury and credit the High Fives Renown hospital peer mentor program with helping them through the toughest times of their lives.

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