#haveaday | International Adaptive Activity Day

From here on out, August 1st will be known as International Adaptive Activity Day! The High Fives Foundation came together with Kelly Brush Foundation and Victoria's Victory Foundation to encourage Adaptive Athletes to get outside and do something they love. The Athletes used the hashtag #haveaday to promote activity and inclusion. The posts not only ... Read more

Renown Hospital X High Fives Foundation Peer Mentor Program

High Fives Foundation and Renown Health A Relationship built on care High Fives Foundation has always been fortunate in being able to partner with organizations and foundations who share similar business practices and ideologies. Renown hospital, like High Fives Foundation, is built on the principles of caring for individuals through recovery. Renown focuses on person ... Read more

A healing hand from Charlotte’s Web

Throughout the 11 year history of High Fives Foundation, we have been fortunate to partner up with companies that are doing incredible things to improve and heal others' lives. It is important for us to align with brands that represent and embody what we stand for. Charlotte's Web's pursuit of health and wellness does just ... Read more

High Fives in the News | Injured Athletes Club

High Fives Foundation’s Roy Tuscany - Not the Same, But Still Awesome Podcast Presented by The Injured Athletes Club The day after Roy Tuscany burst-fractured his T12 vertebrae in a skiing accident, the doctor who performed the eight-hour emergency operation that stabilized his spine came to his hospital room. Roy, eager to show appreciation, put his hand ... Read more

Adaptdefy podcast with Roy Tuscany

What is adaptdefy? They are a media & product development company on a mission to increase freedom for wheelchair users. Why adaptdefy? adaptdefy® is for those forced to adapt & discover how to live their best lives in a wheelchair. We call these people Adaptdefiers. We connect the global community of Adaptdefiers, highlighting their incredible ... Read more