Motodemption | Kurt Caselli Ride Day 2023

Motodemption x Kurt Caselli Ride Day 2023 unveil video called, REDEEM | DJ Lombardo

Motodemption recently celebrated its second consecutive year participating in the Kurt Caselli Ride Day 2023, an event that has become a cornerstone in our annual calendar. This exhilarating two-day camp brought together a vibrant community of riders, volunteers, industry supporters, friends, and family at Fox Raceway. In this revamped blog post, we delve into the success of the event, highlighting the incredible riders, the meaningful partnerships, and the epic video that encapsulates the journey of redemption at Moto.

The excitement surrounding the Kurt Caselli Ride Day 2023 reached new heights with the release of an awe-inspiring video created by Jared (Kardy J). The California camp at Fox Raceway is brilliantly captured, showcasing the essence of Motodemption’s commitment to empowerment and redemption. The video is not only a testament to the hard work of Jared but also features the incredible story of DJ Lombardo and his seven-year journey to redemption after a life-changing injury.

Motodemption’s impact was felt profoundly during the two-day camp, where an outstanding group of riders, volunteers, and supporters gathered. With 8 riders, 10 skilled instructors, and 4 Motodemption-built bikes, the event was a showcase of passion, skill, and community spirit. The day was made even more special as we witnessed the triumphant return of featured riders DJ Lombardo, Courtney Wood, and Nevan Heart. HighFives Athletes Llywelyn “Sponge” Williams, Nico Gallegos, and Dariel Melendez Davilla, along with Motodemption veterans, further added to the vibrant mix.

For each participant, the two days at Fox Raceway were about more than just riding; it was about progression, fun, and most importantly, redemption at Moto. The Motodemption team expresses gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event, creating an atmosphere where riders could reclaim the thrill of Moto and overcome personal challenges.

Motodemption acknowledges the indispensable support of partners and sponsors who played a crucial role in bringing the Kurt Caselli Ride Day 2023 to life. A special thank you goes out to HighFives Foundation, Kurt Caselli Foundation, Fox, Leatt, Spy, Bell Helmets, Rekluse, Applied Technology, FMF, Acerbis, Wise Industries, PCI Radios, Jett Development, Lightning Mobile Inc., and Craig Hospital for their unwavering commitment.

Motodemption extends a heartfelt appreciation to Roy, Jesse, and Sano from High Fives Foundation, Lindsey Mashchak and the team from Kurt Caselli Foundation, Donny Elmer Jr with FMF, and Bryan Wallace from Fox Raceway. Their support and hospitality were instrumental in making the event a resounding success. We also express gratitude to everyone who came out to ride, help, and support, making it clear that the Motodemption community is one fueled by passion and camaraderie. As we gear up for next year, the excitement continues to build.

Motodemption’s presence at the Kurt Caselli Ride Day 2023 has left an indelible mark on the Moto community. With an epic video capturing the essence of redemption and the support of an incredible network of riders and partners, Motodemption remains committed to fostering a culture of empowerment, skill development, and triumph over challenges. As we eagerly await the adventures that the next year holds, the Motodemption journey continues to unfold with renewed enthusiasm and dedication.

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