Uniting Adventure and Style: High Fives Foundation x Skida 2024 Collaboration Collection

In a fusion of fashion and empowerment, the High Fives Foundation and Skida unveil their latest collaboration collection—a vibrant lineup of beanies, hats, and neckies. Inspired by adaptive athletes and their sports equipment, each design symbolizes resilience and inclusivity. Shop the Collection HERE!


high fives

This partnership celebrates the triumphs of individuals like Shelby Estocado, High Fives Athlete #311, who found new passion through adaptive skiing. Corinne Prevot, Skida‘s founder, shares a similar ethos of community and play, echoing the brand’s mission since 2008.

The collaboration is more than apparel; it’s a movement. With each purchase, you support inclusivity, empowerment, and the joy of adventure. Join us in spreading positivity and embracing the spirit of resilience. Together, we conquer mountains, waves, and obstacles, one vibrant pattern at a time.


“I am proud to be a High Fives athlete. I am able to represent the organization and their community by working towards their mission of preventing life-changing injuries and providing resources and hope if they happen. Being a High Fives athlete holds me to high standards and keeps me doing what I love while continuing to achieve my goals.”

Shelby Estocado / High Fives Athlete #311