Built to Finish Book Release

Built to Finish a book about How to Go the Distance in Business and in Life by Steven Pivnik

We are thrilled to bring to your attention an extraordinary venture that resonates deeply with the spirit of triumph over adversity. Today, we shine a spotlight on Steven Pivnik’s newly released book, “Built to Finish – How to go the distance in business and in life.” As a foundation that champions resilience and the indomitable human spirit, we find Steven’s journey a testament to the endurance required not only in business but also in the pursuit of life’s grandest goals.

Steven Pivnik, a serial entrepreneur and valued member of our community, has recently unveiled his insightful book. “Built to Finish” is not just a guide for entrepreneurs but a beacon of inspiration for anyone navigating the intricate landscapes of life and business. At the High Fives Foundation, we believe in celebrating stories of triumph, and Steven’s book offers a compelling narrative of grit, stamina, and balance.

In this book, Steven shares the dual odysseys of leading his software and services company, Binary Tree, from inception to a successful exit, and his personal quest to compete in the challenging IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The parallels drawn between the endurance required in the business world and the physical challenges of endurance sports are enlightening and applicable to all those striving for long-term success.

As an organization that supports individuals overcoming life-altering injuries, we see Steven’s journey as emblematic of the resilience within us all. His experiences in the entrepreneurial realm and his passion for endurance sports provide a unique perspective on achieving ambitious goals – a sentiment that aligns closely with the mission of the High Fives Foundation.

We encourage our community members to embark on this inspirational journey by ordering “Built to Finish” on AMAZON. By doing so, you not only support Steven’s remarkable achievement but also contribute to the dissemination of a powerful message – the idea that we are all “Built To Finish.”

To our dear friend Roy and the entire High Fives Foundation community, we believe that Steven’s story will resonate deeply with you. The challenges faced, the triumphs celebrated, and the resilience demonstrated align closely with the ethos of our foundation. As you explore the pages of “Built to Finish,” we hope you find inspiration and motivation to pursue your own audacious goals.

If you find value in Steven’s journey and the insights shared in the book, consider leaving a 5-star review on AMAZON. Your positive feedback will not only express your support for Steven but will also amplify the book’s reach, inspiring more individuals to embrace their journey and strive for their own finish lines.

Let’s come together as a community to celebrate the resilience within us all and reinforce the belief that, indeed, we are all “Built To Finish.”

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