Alex Uppenkamp

Alex Uppenkamp

United States of America
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San Diego, CA

Just before heading off to college at Humboldt State University, I decided to try a 30ft step up jump on my mountain bike in San Diego. I have been working on a jump line near my house and someone came along and built the last jump much bigger. I went for it, Over shooting it and going over the handlebars sustaining a C3 complete SCI.

“After receiving many grants from High Fives for continued physical therapy and adaptive equipment, I feel very in tune with my injury and recovery process. I feel like I have all the necessary equipment and support to make my life meaningful and enjoyable. From mountain biking to surfing, High Fives has supported all my ambitions with getting back to the sports I loved before my injury. Being able to meet the crew was super enjoyable and to see the amount of smiles they have and the ones that they put on other people's faces like mine is priceless. I will be forever grateful for what High Fives does and can't wait to meet new people and make more memories. I also can't wait to try more sports like skiing that I plan on coming up to Tahoe to try this winter”

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High Fives has provided:

$4,000 NeuroRehab, Challenge Center, LocoMotor Training $1,700 for an Adaptive Surfboard Cycle 1 2022 – $3,500 towards Healing Network

Alex Uppenkamp

“In the early stages of recovery I believe nothing is more important than therapy work. As of now I am not able to start with adaptive sports so physical therapy is what is keeping me active throughout these early months. It also boosts my confidence and mental state as I strive to be the best I can.“

– #HighFivesAthlete, Alex Uppenkamp

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