Jack Calbi

Jack Calbi

United States of America
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East Greenwich, RI

In April 2017, Jack went for a ride on his mountain bike on the greenway next his college town in Boone, North Carolina. He was riding down a sloped trail and hit a ditch that bucked him off the pedals. He couldn’t make a slight turn so he slid out on gravel and tumbled. There were plenty of people in the park to help him as he laid on his back waiting for an ambulance. At first he thought he had only broken his wrist, but as the shock wore off he became aware of the situation. Jack was paralyzed from the neck down.

Jack has a number of goals in mind. In the short term, he would like to improve his transfer skills in and out of bed and the standing frame that he uses everyday. He plans on continuing with e-stim exercises, and functional training. In the long term, he’d like to get back into some outdoor activities.

Having an in-home nurse in the morning and evening will really help Jack. He’s a high-level quad, and it is very important that he receives his degree. This grant will really help him head down the isle on graduation day.

“It’s worth it to get back after it in life.“

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High Fives has provided:

$1,260.00 granted for (30) Days of CNA nursing while he goes back to finish school

Jack Calbi

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