Daewon Rojas-Mickelson

Daewon Rojas-Mickelson | San Francisco CA

Daewon was playing hooky for the afternoon from college and snowboarding at Purgatory Mountain just outside of Durango Colorado, making lazy laps through the terrain park as the snow wasn’t great that day. He’d been doing the same simple tricks most of the afternoon but on his last lap, the soft snow had refrozen and he caught the edge of the snowboard as he went off the lip of the jump. He landed beyond the transition of the jump on his back and lost consciousness; after he came to, he realized he couldn’t move his legs and that he was paralyzed. He was taken to the local hospital for surgery and a few days later was flown to a rehab hospital to begin advanced education in spinal cord injury life. Daewon sustained a complete spinal cord injury, at eleventh thoracic vertebra.

When asked what High Fives means to Daweon, he responded – I’ve been handcyling for over ten years. My hope with this new full suspension bike (trike) is that I will be able to ride faster and more aggressive terrain than I have been able to ride since I began handcyling.

“Let’s be weird and try to have fun.”



$3,500.00 towards ReActive Adaptations Hammerhead bike

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