Brandon Malman

Brandon Malman

United States of America
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Salt Lake City, UT

In the Tabacco Root mountains, just west of Bozeman, MT, Brandon was ski touring with three of his friends, when an avalanche broke loose. Brandon sustained a craniofacial injury, tore 3 major ligaments in his right leg, and had his left leg amputated below the knee.

“I don’t dwell on the past. Onward and upward!“

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High Fives has provided:

Adaptive Equipment, BioDapt Inc. VF2 Prosthetic Foot $4,000 & Hanger Clinic Fitting and Alignment $500

Brandon Malman

“This grant will positively influence my recovery by helping me to acquire a high-performance prosthetic ankle I could not otherwise afford. I'm hoping this equipment will allow me to enjoy the sports and activities I live for, at the same level I used to prior to my injury. The more I can enjoy my life doing my favorite activities, the easier my recovery will be.“

– #HighFivesAthlete, Brandon Malman

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