Bryan Noonan

Bryan Noonan

United States of America
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South Lake Tahoe, CA

Bryan was riding the backside at Northstar with some friends after days of good snowfall. The snow was bottomless that day and he felt like he could send it off anything. After a few runs he started getting a little ballsy when he boosted an ollie off a wind-lip and started floating. The best feeling ever, soon followed by the worst. The landing was blind from where he took off and when he popped over the knoll he realized it was an off-camber cat-track about 10-15ft wide. He knew he wasn’t going to clear it, not even close. He landed on his tailbone on the rock hard snow and realized he was badly hurt, he felt nothing from his waist down. Once he was in the hospital doctors told Bryan he sustained an L1 SCI.

“Today I will get stronger.“

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High Fives has provided:

$5000 towards insurance and Lessons at Achieve Tahoe aka Disabled Sports USA – Far West (Alpine Meadows)

Bryan Noonan

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