Rio Peterson

Rio Peterson

United States of America
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New Meadows, ID

Rio sustained a burst fracture at C5 as well as fractures at C3, C4, C6, & C7.

This injury occurred during a variable snow day at Squaw Valley. Rio was traversing under Headwall chairlift when he hit a bump. A combination of the variable snow and poor reaction caused him to eject from his skis. The ejection threw Rio head first into hard pack snow, causing his injury.

Rio’s ultimate goal is a complete recovery. Rio and his family are cognizant that as time progresses this goal may become a moving target. In that case, he and his family would like to get back to living a fulfilled life. Rio has completed his initial goal of rapidly weaning off the mechanical ventilator.

“Rule number one: have fun“

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High Fives has provided:

3-Months of Personal Training at the PEAK Center, 3-Months of Insurance.

Rio Peterson

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