Allyson Mallory

Allyson Mallory | Englewood, CO

On December 23, 2016, Allyson was snowboarding at Area 51, Keystone’s snowboard park. After hitting an A frame rail, she set herself up to hit another feature which had two ramps connected by a rail. She hit the ramp too with too much speed sending her into a backflip about 10 feet from the feature. Allyson landed directly on her back. The instant she hit the ground, she knew she was paralyzed. After the personnel at St. Anthony’s took MRIs and scans, this was confirmed with a dislocated spine and break at T12. Additionally, she had a broken rib. Allyson’s surgeon initially told her upon seeing the X-rays that she had severed my spinal cord, but once she had surgery to fuse four of my vertebrae, the doctor saw that my spinal cord was in fact not severed.

“You only live once; but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Maya Angelou



Physical Therapy Sessions at the PEAK Center and E-Stim Pads from PowerDot, Adaptive ski lessons at Winter Park, lodging and a wheelchair freewheel, Vehicle Auto-Start, Ski Lessons and Accommodations at Crested Butte, Dry Needling at Craig Hospital , a Kayak from ASC, and partial funding towards a Bomber Offroad Handcycle from ReActive Adaptations

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