Jordan Griffin

Jordan Griffin

United States of America
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Orcas Island, WA

Jordan is a C7 incomplete quadriplegic. He was injured while snowboarding in 2008, when he attempted a front flip and under rotated, causing him to land on his head. Jordan ended up breaking his wrist, fracturing C5, C7 and burst fracturing C6. He now has pins in his wrist and a metal cage with 2 rods replacing his C6 vertebrae. Through years of physical therapy, Jordan has gained patches of feeling throughout most of his body and extension movement in his fingers.

Jordan’s recovery goals are to hopefully walk one day and be able to snowboard again. Until then, he plans to live his life to the fullest and experience as much as he can. His winter goals as of now are to make it to the Xgames on a sit-ski.


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High Fives has provided:

Adaptive exercise gear from, a rugby wheelchair from Melrose Kiwi Concept Chairs and a helmet. 2015 – Adaptive Winter & Physical Therapy Equipment.

Jordan Griffin

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