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Allison White

Allison White | Golden, CO

Just after Christmas 2016, Allison injured her knee skiing (injury to ACL, Hoffa’s fat pad, and unknown other structures). For most people, her injury would have ended their season. For Allison, that was the beginning of a life-changing journey. She was diagnosed about one month later with a condition called CRPS, or complex regional pain syndrome, a condition that directly resulted from the injury. CRPS is a rare disease, affecting only about 200,000 people total in the United States. When she was injured, her nervous system had its wires crossed, and they stayed that way. Allison experiences constant pain in her right foot, but it hasn’t stopped her from learning how to rock climb. She’s excited to continue pursuing new goals outside.

“You cannot sail for new horizons until you lose sight of the shore.”


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