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Tanelle Bolt

Tanelle Bolt | Invermere, SK, Canada

In 2014 Tanelle sustained a complete SCI in a recreational bridge jumping accident. While camping in the summer heat, Tanelle went to cool off in the river, jumping feet first from a 60’ bridge, never coming in contact with the bottom, she will never know if it was human error or debris floating down the river that caused this catastrophic injury: breaking T5/6, sternum, 2 ribs & 14 spinous processes.


While Tanelle wants to achieve the ultimate goal of getting back on her feet, she hopes to achieve the goal of becoming a sought after para-Canadian athlete as both a summer (surfing) & winter (monoskiing) competitor.

“Stay Rad!”



A custom TL Wave Ski, Custom Aspen Seating monoski bucket

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