Ricci Kilgore

Ricci Kilgore

United States of America
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Reno, NV

An amazing athlete, Ricci received a full ride scholarship to Idaho State University for track and field (pole vaulting). Teammates and her were driving home from a track meet when the crew came across some black ice causing the van spun out of control. Ricci was in the passenger seat with her seat belt on and the seat semi reclined. Ricci’s seat belt defaulted and she was thrown 60 feet into oncoming traffic. The impact caused Ricci to sustain an incomplete spinal cord injury at T12-L1. She was told she would never walk or have children.

“Forget what hurt you in the past. But never forget what it taught you.“

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Nissin Monoski.  2016 – $6,500.00 Nissen Monoski.

Ricci Kilgore

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