Adaptive Skiing & Snowboarding

Adaptive Skiing and Snowboarding Our athletes love the snow! There are so many ways to get rad on the snow with a disability. Depending on the injury, our athletes are able to participate in adaptive skiing and adaptive snowboarding through a variety of ways. Here are some of the different ways our athletes get rad … Read more

Adaptive Cycling

Adaptive Mountain Biking Our athletes love to mountain bike! There’s nothing better than shredding that brown pow. Ask our many athletes that have learned how to make adaptive mountain biking (adaptive MTB) their thing. Good luck trying to catch them on trails! Adaptive mountain biking is rising in popularity with the help of amazing technological … Read more

Adaptive Fishing

Adaptive Fishing Our athletes love to fish! What’s better for the soul than throwing a line upstream, watching it pass, doing it again, and again, and perhaps getting a bite? As anglers, we know that fly fishing isn’t only about reeling in the big one (although that always gets our hearts jumping!). Fly fishing is … Read more

Adaptive Surfing

Adaptive Surfing Our athletes love to surf! The healing power of the sea and swell is undeniable. And whether it’s the first time or a return to surfing after a life-altering injury, riding waves can be a powerful way to gain independence, self-confidence, and generally improve quality of life. Our athletes love riding waves even … Read more

Adaptive Motorsports

Adaptive Motorsports Our adaptive athletes love to ride! Getting rad in the dirt is what our adaptive motocross athletes do best. Whether it’s on two wheels or four, our athletes have learned to navigate adaptive motorsport technologies and have some major fun. Apply for a grant Return to Dirt When someone suffers from a life-changing … Read more