Fat Ski-A-Thon


The High Fives Foundation


Our pledge-driven event that is held each spring at Sugarbush Resort. On Sunday, March 5th, 2023 participants will begin after having gathered pledges like NASCAR racing chasing sponsorships. Each participant will challenge themselves to hot laps as many times as possible from first to the last chair. Awards are given out for a variety of categories. There will be a vendor village, live DJ, lunch provided for participants, and an all-around great party in the name of philanthropy!

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Last Day to Sign Up is Feb 23

How to Participate

  1. Create or Join a Team

    Click the link below to start the process of creating or joining a team so you can start fundraising. This is a pledge-driven event, so the more you raise, the more prizes you have a chance at winning!

  2. Gather Pledges and Donations (at least $150)

    Once your team is set up, start gathering pledges like they are a NASCAR sponsorship. The more donations you generate, the more prizes you have a chance at winning!

  3. Purchase Lift Ticket and Ski and Ride All Day!

    Lift tickets can be purchased for $65 in advance. Tickets cannot be purchased at this price the day of the event, so make sure to buy it ahead of time!

    On the day of the event, participants track laps, interact with the vendor village, and can choose to dress up. Apr├Ęs ski the High Fives way with a killer after party celebration and awards ceremony.

Or Support a Team Virtually!

You don't need to be there to support the cause! Check out all the fundraising teams through the link below and support your chosen team by donating towards their cause. All proceeds go to the High Fives Foundation to support our athletes in their recovery process!

Raise Funds, Get Swag!

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Event Schedule and Lift Tickets

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Support Our Sponsors

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